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Never Broken: Broken Series


We all paint this picture of what we envision our lives to be. One day you will marry the man of your dreams. Have a family and live happily ever after. That was my dream, and one bullet changed it all. Now I am a single mother in shambles with two small children to raise alone…

He was once my enemy. A man that took the woman I loved, and I hated him. Time went by life happened and he became my brother, a man that I would kill for. Now he is gone, and I never saw it coming. I made a promise to stand up and be there for his family, be there for the woman he loved, the only woman I have ever loved.

A family comes together to pick up the pieces, the road is dark and uphill, but together they face each day with the hope that tomorrow will be better. Along the way they learn bent isn’t broken, and love can mend a broken heart.

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