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Charles has done all he can to win his wife’s love back. Nothing is working. Desperate to find the cure that fixes his relationship he confides in his new worker, Cassie. After hearing the love that Charles has for Vivian Cassie is determined to help him win the fight for Vivian’s love. Cassie’s own marriage is in deep trouble, after repeated attempts to have children, her husband has lost all respect for her and their marriage. Hoping absence will make the heart grow fonder she is now living out of town. After helping Charles in his quest for the love of his life, she sees all the things that she has been missing. She decides to find the person that she is supposed to be. Mason doesn’t understand failure and his wife not having a baby is her failure, not his, so when she decides to leave for a few weeks he is going to have all the fun that he can have, but now that he is alone he can see all the reason that he needs to change. Vivian doesn’t know how to talk about her fears and pushing them and her husband away seems to be the only thing she is doing lately. Striving to be the perfect wife for the world to she can’t handle being a wife in any other part of her life. Both couples want the happily ever after, both want forever. But when Charles starts to see all the things that he is missing in Vivian with Cassie, and Cassie sees the love that she has been searching for her whole life, can they go back to love that turned their backs when they needed them most, or turn to the one person that has stood by them?
Arianna Anderson has a secret, she isn’t what she appears to be. To her close friends she is Leslie, fun hairdresser, but to the international world she is a powerhouse. She hides behind the name Leslie because she knows that Damian Maxwell is everything that she wants and can never have. He plays with women’s emotions and she will not be one of his many conquests. So for the last year she has lied about who she really is, tiptoeing around the feeling that she has and the look of desire that is present in his gray eyes. Damian can’t get Leslie out of his mind, her body calls to every male cell in his body, there is nothing that he wants more than to dive head first into her lush body, but she is everything that he doesn’t want, or so he keeps telling himself. He loves the fight in her, and he wants nothing more than to forget all the reason he has to stay away from her. One night it all changes, one night he sees her in a light that will change them both forever. In that moment they learn that it’s not what a person takes when he steal your love, it’s what you give.
18 Years + Due to Strong Sexual Situations. Mason has lost the love of his life, and he is about to lose the company that he has built from the ground up. He wants to save the last piece that holds him to his wife, no piece of paper is going to stop her from being in love with the woman he has loved his whole life. But then walks in Maxine Nolan a woman with a voice that woke up something primal inside of him. He could never be is himself with his ex-wife,but maybe Maxine. Secrets… Any thoughts of being with her is stopped when she finds out that she has secrets, one she has a twin, the other she is the sister of Charles Maxwell his ex’s new husband. Max From the moment I laid eyes on Mason Johnson, I knew he would be trouble, not because of the women screaming as she left his room, no it was the butterflies that told me that I should take off behind her, I didn’t listen. He was supposed to be my big break, a chance to make my mark on the Public Relations world, I am supposed to fix him, make him a better man, the thing is, the more time I spend with him I realize, the man the world see’s doesn’t exist. He is the kind of man that makes me wish I could unburden my soul and I would if he wasn’t my new sister in law’s Ex- Husband. Aubrey I have never dated anyone that didn’t want something from me. My name alone could put them on the front page of every magazine in the land. So when I meet Robert he is everything I have ever dreamed of smart, handsome, and devoted to me, and only to me. My sister thinks I’m crazy, but she can’t understand so I do what I have to do… What’s one more secret? There are some secrets that you take to the grave, there are some that might even send you to the grave, and there are a few that you can’t tell GOD!
When Layla walked into Giovanni’s shop two years ago all he could think about was having her tied to a St. Andrews cross, and after a couple of conversations he learned that she was all he ever wanted, but his life wasn’t ready for her yet. One year ago, he was ready to claim her as his own, but then she walked in with the ugliest ring in history declaring her was off the market. Tonight she walked in with no ring and no reason for him to stop. He can finally show her that he is more than a Master in chocolate he is a Master in the Bedroom as well.
Sierra Brooks is on the lookout for love, she has been a serial dater for the last few years. Every man she has met has not been the man for her. After hearing for years how great Ty Howard is she finally goes to meet him, but the him is actually a her. Ty Howard is successful in all areas of life, except for love. She has had lovers both male and female and she can’t seem to find the one person that she can share her life with. One touch of hands sends electricity through their bodies and has Sierra running away. Ty lets her go but regrets it. Sierra goes on the prowl for that same spark from a man and ends up in danger and Ty is the only one that can save her.With an enemy lurking in the shadows Ty opens up to Sierra and Sierra has only one wish, that would make Ty perfect.
Lisa is a beautiful brown skinned goddess. By day she is the assistant to real estate mogul her best friend Tyanna. When the sun goes down, she fulfills clients dreams by helping them expose their deepest sexual desires. When one eventful night she meets a deveiner sensual man named Robert. He is a well-spoken architect of luxury resorts. Their dinner turns into a fun- filled weekend fulfilling not only kindling her bodies burning desires but also stimulating her mind. This chance meeting turns into so much more as they decided to see each other exclusively. Week’s pass and Lisa soon discovers she has a health issue that threatens her very life. While on her sick bed she discovers her new love interest Robert is Tyanna’s father! Feeling guilty but completely infatuated with each other they continue to date in secret all the while hiding their relationship from Ty. Like a moth to the flame, they cannot stop themselves they are engulfed within their passion hoping it will never kindle. The one fear that could ever tear them apart is when Ty finds out. Will she understand? Prepare for a sexual adventure guaranteed to leave your mouth wide open. When a forbidden love crosses the line of a friendship, with wet secret kisses, and hot and steamy toe-curling sex written by the master of desire Mariah Kingsley. In “I Call Him Daddy Too.”
Jade has her life all planned out, with a mother with mental illness she has to be on top of things. With graduation in sight, she doesn’t have time for boys. Liam has had his eye on Jade for years, with her nose in a book she doesn’t notice him. With his bad-boy reputation, he has no business wanting this good girl, but she is all that he can think about. He has one shot at having her, and he doesn’t waste time. A coming of age story about two teenagers that have to grow up faster than they ever imagined and a love that defies age.
It’s been seventeen years since Jade laid eyes on Liam, and that spark is still there, the love is still there. Liam wants another chance to prove that he could love Jade forever, but an enemy gets in the way, putting Jade’s life in danger. Jade goes on the run again, and Liam will stop at nothing to find her.


They say to get over one woman, you have to get under another one… And that exactly what Liam does. Finding a woman is easy, but having the woman of his dreams is a fading memory.

Helping Jade keep the illusion of happiness is all he can give. When Ashton’s past comes to the light, Liam will do anything to keep Jade safe. Even helping the man that stole his future.

Ashton has everything he wanted, but the past won’t stay buried. With his life being threatened at every turn he needs the help of the man that he is not sure he can trust to keep him safe.

Memories are a funny thing, but when the truth surface everything changes…

  Pain. Love. Lies. From the moment Judge Cole sees Summer he knows she is the one for him. No woman has stirred his mind or body like she has, the only problem is, she doesn’t trust men. Fifteen years ago, Summer Cole ran away from home, but home never really left her. Even all these years later she has nightmares about her time there. Her past is even stopping her from being honest with the man that she loves. As an accomplished attorney she commands the courtroom, but a phone call from her past brings her back to the girl that she was. Faced with the death of her beloved mother she goes back to Lexington Texas and faces the family that almost destroyed her. Will the letters from Summer’s mother save a family and prevent true love’s demise?
I am a king. A man with blood on my hands. I take what I want and never have regrets about it. Until Nevada. She is pure and beautiful on the inside and out, but she is not to be had by a man like me. A man that takes the lives of my competition. For small moments in time, I can stand in the warmth of her light, and then I am forced back into this cold world. A darkness that I was used to, until her. Now I dream of the time when I can have her close to me, but not too close, because people that stand in my darkness don’t always survive. Sometimes I stand next to Kyle just to breath him in. To the world he is a dangerous man, but I see past that. To the heart of him. Kind, loving, and gentle. I wish I could have him for myself, but he wouldn’t want a woman like me. A woman with baggage that weighed me down with cruelty. I don’t know who I am, but I do know that when I am close to him, I feel whole for those moments. I can smile and it reaches my heart. He has no idea what he does to me. How he is the star of every fantasy that I have ever had. If only he knew what I would do to have him. Two hearts that have beat as one since the moment they met will have a chance at love. But what will it cost them?
Celeste and Anubis were true soulmates since the moment they locked eyes. The only thing that separated them was the birth of their son Callum. Now she is a single mother of a nonverbal autistic child. Forced to deal with his tantrums and constant ridicule and stares of the public. All Callum Anu’s life he has wondered two things; what the colors and numbers mean, and why his father doesn’t love him. For years he has been silent, listening to the people around him ask invasive questions, but the moment he sees the woman with the long dark hair, he knows he has to speak. A mother and son are forced to move to a small town with their secrets, but their new town has a secret of its own. There is a killer among them. And Callum and Celeste will come face to face with death.  
Death came easy for Piper. Living forever is the hard part. Just days ago she was killed and her killer walks free, and there is nothing she can do about it. Or so they keep telling her. Callum just wants his old life back, it seems that since his father came back nothing but chaos has been in his life. The only bright side is Piper. Saving her life was the best gift eternity could ever give him, but it came with a price. War. Anubis is doing all he can to reconnect with his son, but sixteen years of absence is too much between them. And it seems nothing will bring them together. They say a house divided can’t stand, and with a war eminent division is the last thing they need. With War on the horizon will this family fall, or stand strong? In War of the Reapers.
Being in the funeral business is a hard job. But the gift of talking to souls before they crossover is a blessing that I cherish. I have seen the man who takes souls to the next realm but I never have the courage to speak to him. Until one day, I do. I have met many men in her long life, but none like Anubis. Not only is he handsome, he is everything that she could ever wish to have. Being the God of death has some draw backs, but meeting the beautiful Celeste isn’t one of them. For as long as I can remember I have been searching for something real, and I think I have found it. I want to give her everything this world has to offer, and every part of me. No matter what tomorrow holds, I know I will be holding her. To death do us part, and since I am death there is no parting.
For Callum the war is over, and he is king. But heavy is the head that wears the crown. Betrayal can be at every turn, and forgiveness can be a hurdle that is hard to cross. Serena’s heartbreak is a funny thing. One moment you are fine, and the next you are singing sad love songs about the man that you loved. Watching a love bloom after yours has died is a hell no one prepares her for. Eternity is a long time for Piper, and revenge is her only motivation, no matter the consequences. The battle is over and the war was hard fought, but life is a battle of its own.
The only weakness my mother had was loving the wrong man at the wrong time. For that, she paid with her life. That choice she made destroyed my life and put me on this journey of revenge. I survived losing my mother and sister but I would make the man she loved pay, and there was nothing that would stop me. My father had many demands of me: travel the nations and gather information to strengthen our kingdom. I needed to marry a woman I could barely stand for the sake of my people. I was determined to fulfill my duties to the kingdom, no matter the cost. Until I saw her, standing there like she owned the place. The sound of her voice plagued my nights and I counted the hours until I could see her again. I knew it was wrong, forbidden even, but she was the only thing I ever wanted for myself. One look, one smile, and one touch changed the trajectory of four lives. Was love enough, or would the past get in their way? The story of Ara and Tigran is book six in the rise of the dread story. A dark romance that will set your heart a flame and invoke desires you never thought you had.
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