I Call Him Daddy Too!


Lisa is a beautiful brown skinned goddess. By day she is the assistant to real estate mogul her best friend Tyanna. When the sun goes down, she fulfills clients’ dreams by helping them expose their deepest sexual desires. When one eventful night she meets a deveiner sensual man named Robert. He is a well-spoken architect of luxury resorts. Their dinner turns into a fun- filled weekend fulfilling not only kindling her body’s burning desires but also stimulating her mind. This chance meeting turns into so much more as they decided to see each other exclusively. 

Week’s pass and Lisa soon discovers she has a health issue that threatens her very life. While on her sick bed she discovers her new love interest Robert is Tyanna’s father! Feeling guilty but completely infatuated with each other they continue to date in secret all the while hiding their relationship from Ty. Like a moth to the flame, they cannot stop themselves; they are engulfed within their passion hoping it will never kindle.

The one fear that could ever tear them apart is when Ty finds out. Will she understand?

Prepare for a sexual adventure guaranteed to leave your mouth wide open. When a forbidden love crosses the line of a friendship, with wet secret kisses, and hot and steamy toe-curling sex written by the master of desire Mariah Kingsley. In “I Call Him Daddy Too.”


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