Charlene’s Consortium: The Lies Series


I followed the rules to the letter since I was in elementary school, going to the best schools, and making the right connections. But the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with is all wrong on paper; however, she is perfect for me. Charlene’s past as an exotic dancer causes concern for my political career, but standing by her side is all I have ever wanted.

I haven’t had an interest in love, but the business of marriage is just that – a business. And I understand business better than most. Taking my talents to the stripper pole and becoming one of the richest women in the country, I haven’t had the softness of love in my life. From childhood, everything I learned about love taught me I didn’t want it. But Chancellor was a friend with a plan, and that plan was marrying me and becoming President. I have never seen myself as the marrying type, but the thought of being the first lady would change anyone’s mind.

Love is a tricky business, and politics is a beast of its own, but add in the pressures of a mysterious government agency, and life and death are in the balance.


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