I Can’t Tell GOD (The Maxwell Series Book 3)


We were born into a lie… It wasn’t something, we could help so we have become accustom to keeping our secrets close, or at the very least burying them deep…. Max From the moment I laid eyes on Mason Johnson, I knew he would be trouble, not because of the women screaming as she left his room, no it was the butterflies that told me that I should take off behind her, I didn’t listen. He was supposed to be my big break, a chance to make my mark on the Public Relations world, I am supposed to fix him, make him a better man, the thing is, the more time I spend with him I realize, the man the world see’s doesn’t exist. He is the kind of man that makes me wish I could unburden my soul and I would if he wasn’t my new sister in law’s Ex- Husband. Aubrey I have never dated anyone that didn’t want something from me. My name alone could put them on the front page of every magazine in the land. So when I meet Robert he is everything I have ever dreamed of smart, handsome, and devoted to me, and only to me. My sister thinks I’m crazy, but she can’t understand so I do what I have to do… What’s one more secret? Mason I have done the unthinkable… again, I feel something again, and something I thought died along with my marriage, for a woman that I’m not supposed to… She is beyond beautiful, lovely really her voice brings out the beast in me, and I really don’t want her to meet the beast. There are some secrets that you take to the grave, there are some that might even send you to the grave, and there are a few that you can’t tell GOD!

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  • Paperback: 134 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 29, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1500507571
  • ISBN-13: 978-1500507572
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